Exhibiting The Highest Standards In Customer Experience

Why Work With Us?

OCTOPROS works with your company to identify and address the day to day.

Saves Time & Resources

Give your current staff the bandwidth to focus on growth by delegating routine support processes to your Octopros.

Seamless Integration

We'll build your Octopros team around the technology you already use or to transition and utilize new systems.

Tailored For Your Company

We assemble a team of dedicated Octopros agents that fit your company culture and are uniquely equipped to meet your needs.

About Us

Octopros Story

Octopros was created to improve the customer experience and office support. We started working with fast-growth E-Commerce, and Hospitality companies in Downtown Miami and then expanded our client list to include Real Estate Brokers, Public Adjusters, Law Firms, and Vacation Rental Companies. Octopros now works behind the scenes, servicing various companies and brands across the United States!

Octopros’ vision is to show the world a better way to outsource by exuding an attentive and nurturing approach to develop the best agents, and implementing the latest tech to overcome challenges. Created in 2020, Octopros helps fast-growing companies by providing around-the-clock support, data-entry, lead generation, community management, and customer service.

Learn how with a free virtual consultation.

Customer Support Outsourcing

With Octopros by your side, you'll be able to use interaction history with email or support ticket software that documents interactions between customers and staff for future reference and improvements. Octopros’ interactions promote repeat business and positive reviews.

Back-Office Support

Data Entry: Speed up project timelines. Upload, organize, and transfer files securely.

ID verification, Background Checks, Photo Editing, SKU creation, Product labels for E-Commerce.

Content Moderation

24/7 365 Community management for social media. Observance of community guidelines. Replies to comments and reviews. All communications are tailored to the needs of your audience. Improve brand loyalty with regular conversations and messages. Identify important conversations and convert them into leads.

How It Works

1. Let’s Talk
Tell us about any problems identified and what is the most important attribute to have on your team? We’ll provide a customized outsourcing solution for your current needs.

2. Agree To Agree
We will send an agreement for you to review and sign. Then the fun begins.

3. Details
Your Octopros Manager conducts an onboarding survey and gathers all the information needed to get started.

4. Assembly Required
Our expert recruiter screens the best candidates, all with Excellent English, some with Spanish, and most with college degrees. After interviewing and testing is completed, we select the Octopros who will fit your company culture and tackle the work before them as you would expect from your own employees.

5. Let The Training Begin
Your Octopros Manager collaborates with you to create a customized training program that will make your Octopros experts in your operations.

6. Work Starts
Octopros jump into your daily workflow, providing the highest standards of support while being managed by our management and quality assurance team in collaboration with your onsite team.


Our pricing model is simple and varies depending on your specific needs and the number of Octopros your organization requires.

  • Finding Talent: We have an extensive network to find just the right agents for your team.

  • Team Management: You work with an Octopros Success manager who will help train, on-board and manage your team successfully.

  • Quality Assurance: The Octopros QA on our team have the skills to monitor your account and provide actionable feedback for your Octopros.

Continuous Improvement

One of our values is #octoprothinking and every Octopros has the training resources and development opportunities to continually increase their skills.

Let Us Help

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